IBN functions this way….

IBN – works on three important actions, Meeting, Referring, following up ……

We have two monthly meetings 1st and 4th Saturday. One special meeting on government schemes and one visit to members business place or government authorities meet.

Attendance to all the meetings is very important.

Joining IBN is not an automatic process. It has to be yearned. After attending a council meeting, you will be briefed by membership committee. Once you are convinced on the working principles you will be requested to submit your KYC details including your PAN, Address proof and statutory details.

Your UAM number has to be submitted; moreover it is strictly followed that your enterprise should have completed minimum 3 years of operations. The membership Team from IBM will make a physical verification of the business.

Your application form to be scrutinized by the membership committee. You should be fulfilling the following condition before joining IBN.

  • Your purpose of joining IBN should be to grow your Business Network
  • As a Business owner you have to attend all council meetings without fail
  • You have to submit the required documents without fail
  • You have to understand the membership to IBN is a process and not to be claimed as a right by attending a meeting
  • You have to offer your services/Products with the price you have quoted and provide follow up services as promised
  • All members are free to complain about any of the member‘s sales & service if the leads shared by them was not followed up properly and result is not up to the expected level.
  • You have to attend all the council meetings without fail. However you are allowed 3 absences in a period of 12 months cycle, suitably substituted. More than 3 without substitutes will be scrutinized by the membership committee and recommended for further action.
  • Membership fee has to be cleared in full, no dues allowed
  • Requesting you to understand that joining IBN will not automatically qualify you for any benefits or financial aid or assistants. However you will be provided with various options to grow your business from time to time, and you are free to take it up based on fulfilling the required qualifications.
  • If the referrals given to you has not been followed up for more than 3 times will be viewed seriously and further leads will not be given without the management team’s  approval.
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