IBN stands for International Business Network

A entrepreneurially managed, marketing developmental body, which is the brain child of Dr.Sandya Rani,highly aimed at helping SMEs grow multifold by developing high net worth business owners networking, resulting in strong bottom line and better profits with smart working formula of ” word of mouth marketing”. This is the millennial way of growing an enterprise in a highly effective and profitable manner. The evolution happens very fast. All the members who are part of a Council (which is an Area or comprising specific areas in a city) will attend IBN Council meetings to Build Business networks and to exchange quality business leads which putsthemamidst a  powerful network.

Here is an excellent platform which develops an individual into a budding business owner and gives a professional growth as an effective networker. IBN helps the entrepreneur in you is fed properly and nurtures him to achieve better results and scale new heights. This organization is built on various qualities and time tested philosophies. But the main philosophy on which IBN leads progress of its members is: “The more we share … The more we have”

This clearly explains if we share more contacts, more trust and more Professionalism we will get back more of all these. This is an universal principle. The world goes around on this great principle. Our ancestors had spoken about this in detail. The well which is used fully will get more water from its springs.

The moment you start sharing business leads. Your business will have more ambassadors who will be working for it all over the city at all times. Maintaining such a dream sales team is next to impossible and not practically viable for everyone.

Joining IBN will give you the privilege of having a well-trained knowledgeable sales team who are really interested in your company’s development and increase your sales. Put aside your worry that you have not done a course at a major university or a MBA from IIMs. You learn through experience, on the job learning and your skills nurtured by a team of entrepreneurial experts.

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