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The most significant part of IBN’s activity is ‘passing of referrals”.

Referrals provide an opportunity for the member to initiate business, with someone who is already flourished in the market rather than trying for a cold call to get connected with an unknown prospect. At IBN, we ensure that each referral passed is a quality referral and also give emphasis on the value of business transacted through each referral.

To understand the other member’s business thoroughly and strategically, there is an activity called One To One. Every member must meet all other members in person at a convenient place preferably at their office or place of business. Have a chat to clearly and thoroughly understand their business. This process is called One To One. This is actually on the job training which will help you to understand their products and services clearly and help you to explain to your references to make a business deal work.

Thank you notes are the one which will be given by the member who has actually completed a business transaction with the references shared with him by another member. It is the IBN way of saying Thank you and acknowledging the service rendered. It also indicates the volume of business and the amount transacted.
These three important activities make IBN a Transparent Business Marketing Organisation trusted by many business entrepreneurs. And these are well tested and fruitful networking activities which will be the key to future marketing efforts.

These three activities will be tracked by Joint Secretary (Technical). And he will be delivering the report on One to one, Referrals and Thank you notes passed through IBN connect during weekly council meetings.

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