Eupraxia Telecom


Founder & CEO

Has 30 years of Telecom experience , Worked as CIO of Airtel& S Tel and global CIO of Sutherland technologies.  Has been awarded Top 100 CIO award twice sofar, He was the brain behind building 14 out 27 circles of Airtel. He has a Doctorate in Telecom with specialisation Telecom Billing.

Eupraxia telecom provides Telecom solutions to all companies from two seater to two thousand seater. ET’s latest offering is Cloud telephony solutions. With problems in Landlines and other modes of communication, cloud will be the future of telecom. ET’s solution can help handle single office, multiple office, multiple locations in a very easy way. All the activities can be connected through a single number which can be displayed against your company.


GMCKSPranic Healing

A no touch no drug energy healing. Here we can get learnings/help for all physical ailments, emotional problems , mental agonies, relationship issues and even financial instabilities. We get benefits for all walks of life in energy forms. Felt and found technique is the only way to experience this energy

AKILA  Inc..

Your content provider. We provide content for anything under the sun.

You think it….We ink it….

Web, book, film, translation ……language….we do everything….



SP agharbhatipvt ltd.

  We are manufacturers of Agarbatti, Asafoetida and Appalam.  We sell Agarbatti and appalam under Divyalokah brand and asafoetida under Maruthi brand.  We have 15 factories across Tamil Nadu employing around 130 people. We sell directly to consumers in Chennai.We supply refer us hotels, caterers, super market chain and any prospective dealers.


stratics consulting.

Our consulting services include:

  1. Help manufacturing companies  build superior reliability and product availability as an competitive advantage while reducing  lead time and supply chain inventory
  2. Help clients choose the right ERP solution aligned to their strategic objectives.
  3. Guide customers in managing people side of change in large business and IT transformation projects
  4. Offer corporate training in supply chain management, project management and organization change management



We are in to CCTV and other security system. We are in this field for more than 15 years.


S3management Consultants.

We are management consultants providing a wide gamut of servicez under one roof:

1)Statutory registrations like GST, Factory registration, PF/ESI,  PVT company incorporation, import export code, Brand registration.

2) Statutory Compliances for all registrations

3) Accounting services

4) Income tax filing, IT appeals

5) Internal audit/

Financial Audit/ Stock Audit

6) External CFO services.


vcidex solutions Pvt ltd.

Our brand name is storyboard ERP. We are into ERP solutions

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