Greetings from IBN India!

Dr.Sandyarani as she was known to the education world and entrepreneurial world is known as an” Iron lady” for her dominant roles played in various organisations and the keen decision making skills. She was the mind behind starting up of a business network IBN(International Business Network) , which identifies and nurtures self made entrepreneurs shine in the world of referral marketing.  She was the brain behind the ideation and development of the organization. With more than 20+ years of experience in startup incubation and involved in developing many such organization from the seeding levels.  An avid reader and a motivational speaker, she is visiting lecturer in many prominent colleges and social bodies.

A renowned NLP trainer with many successful programs to her credit, she is the force behind many enthusiastic trainer learn the art and spread wings under her pedagogy. Started as technocrat and later moved as a sociopreneur, she has travelled a very long journey giving shade to many blooming buds and crossed major milestones in her business career spanning more than two decades. A visionary , and a strategist she is the beacon of light to many business seafarers who look up to her.

Hailing from Trichy the cultural capital of Tamilnadu, she has completed her B.Sc., Computer science with a first class. She went on to complete her PGDCA and then adding MCA to her credentials. Securing first class in whatever she takes up she has done her P hd., in Computer science and engineering from SHASTRA University Tanjore. With all this titles she is humble and approachable by the ones who wants her guidance in the field of business. A most wanted speaker in the entrepreneurial circuit, she has delivered more than 50  lectures on startup, entrepreneurship, incubation, development of business and other related topics. Wanted to help the budding business man who were in need of a platform to exhibit and get a chance to meet and work with other growing members of the business fraternity, she has successfully founded a business organization.

IBN as fondly called , International Business Network is founded by her after lot of research and closely working with the developing businessman in the field. She has identified the missing link. IBN help the members to network with fellow members and get reference for their business and close more sales than through any conventional sales methods.  IBN is the new way to do business. Having understood the power of referrals and networking. Dr.Sandyarani founded IBN and it is very close to her heart. Her future plans include creation of many councils of IBN in the city and start spreading wings to Tier 2 cities. Trichy and Coimbatore are on the chords.  Being a successful NLP trainer and practitioner she conducts NLP training courses to interested people especially business owners to use it effectively in their business. This unique blend of social activists and entrepreneurial skill is a very rare phenomenon and we see Dr.Sandyarani is juggling it with ease. Having travelled the tougher route successfully and also shown way to lot of hopeless souls she is indeed a torchbearer on the sociopreneurial sector which is now started to bloom.

Whenever she sees some one , especially a budding entrepreneur who is looking out for an opportunity to show his talent or struggling to move further she voluntarily extent her helping hand and make sure he is supported till he anchors well. Bringing philanthropy to business and sociology to entrepreneurship, she is a role model to be followed and an Icon all the budding entrepreneurs. When she decides to help, it’s done.

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